Global Ukrainians Network
Global Ukrainians is a network of young highly educated Ukrainian expatriates with international experience and global thinking. The Global Ukrainians Network aims to become a unique bridge between Ukraine, Europe and the world, to safeguard Ukraine's interests, using all the modern tools of professional people cultural, science and business diplomacy.As a global network of proactive citizens and communities, Global Ukrainians are called to create an extraterritorial territory Global UA, that is a space that generates new meanings, new horizons of thought and action.The main goal of the Global Ukrainians Network is to combine the creative, intellectual, financial resources of Ukrainians worldwide with the aim of facilitating their efforts to create an extraterritorial Ukrainian space where leading Ukrainian organizations, independent leaders and experts promote Ukraine's interests at the global level.=> We build bridges between the Ukrainian communities worldwide.=> Global leaders and Ukrainian brands scale their ideas, projects & business on our platform.=> We work for the global expansion of Ukrainian brands.=> Global-connected Humanists find their partners all over the world and develop together their important social initiatives.=> Our working slogans : let's transform "contacts into contracts" and put "Ukrainian brands into Global trends" !=> We empower Ukrainian talents, Ukrainian communities and Ukrainian nation.=> We will bring Ukraine back to the club of strong world powerful states, as it was in the time of Anne of Kyiv !All global-minded Ukrainians who are active citizens and seek to promote Ukraine's interests in the world can join the Global Ukrainians Network. This platform will be one of the key tools for globalization of Ukrainian society.***Basic information about Global Ukrainians Network:Global Ukrainians Manifest (approved by the participants of the I Global Ukrainians Forum, July 10-12, 2015): for the development of people diplomacy through the Global Ukrainians Network, approved by the participants of the II Global Ukrainians Forum (31.10.2015) and III Global Ukrainians Forum (15-16.07.2016), public presentation and discussion took place on January 26, 2017, at the National Institute for Strategic Studies under the Administration of the President of Ukraine) presentation booklet (for history): first governance charter and model for the Global Ukrainians Network, developed and approved by the participants of the V Global Ukrainians Forum, July 7-8, 2017: