Diaspora Organizations Can Receive Funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has started forming a draft of Action Plan for 2022.So diaspora organizations could send their proposals and receive funding within the budget program 1401110.Financial support is available for:1) scientific and educational activities abroad;2) maintenance of Internet resources, periodicals;3) arranging places of memory, dedicated to Ukrainian history;4) organization of children's camps for foreign Ukrainians;5) maintenance the work of educational institutions;6) cultural and artistic events abroad;7) publication of scientific, journalistic, artistic works and translations of Ukrainian literature;8) popularization of the Ukrainian language, literature, culture, history, traditions;9) installation of memorial plaques dedicated to Ukrainian history.Requirements for organizations include:- official registration in foreign country;- active promotion and preservation of Ukrainian national identity;- mentioning the the validity of the proposals.Proposals should be submitted to foreign diplomatic missions of Ukraine.More information here: https://zakordonniukrainci.mfa.gov.ua/realizaciya-byudzhetnoyi-programi


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