The first documentary about education in Ukraine: "2045: A new national idea"

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"2045: A New National Idea" is the first full-length documentary about education in Ukraine.

The plot is based on the stories of 60 heroes, including teachers, school principals, university teachers, rectors and heads of educational institutions, talented schoolchildren and students, convicted minors and military cadets, academics and young scientists.

In the film, together with the characters, the authors look for answers to important questions for all of us:

- How is the educational reform implemented?

- What will the closure of educational institutions in Ukraine lead to?

- Why do teachers and teachers have such low salaries, and how does this affect the quality of education?

- How effective is the "New Ukrainian School"?

- Should the education system instill the right values ​​and love for their country?

"During the meetings with the heroes, we were once again convinced that it is education that can unite the whole country around us and make it really strong. This film is about those who learn and those who teach. We were interested to understand where our education system is moving and what will happen to it in 10-15 years. Now we can say with confidence: as long as we have teachers who are willing to give a part of themselves for each pupil or student, we have a future. But the state must turn to the teacher, continue the reforms that are inevitable", said in the description under the film.


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