Ukraine Crisis Media Center Holds a Discussion About ‘Russkiy Mir’

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On June 9, Ukraine Crisis Media Center is organizing a panel discussion “The Kremlin's Goals and Tools in Promoting ‘Russkiy Mir’ Abroad”. The event is the second in a series of discussions of ‘Russkiy Mir’ as the Kremlin’s quasi-ideology and its threats to target societies.The discussion will be broadcast live via UCMC’s Facebook and Youtube pages from the Press Center.Participants:- Oleh Dunda, People's Deputy of Ukraine from the “Servant of the People” party;-Mykyta Poturaiev, People's Deputy of Ukraine from the “Servant of the People” party;- Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, People's Deputy of Ukraine from the “European Solidarity” party;- Solomiia Bobrovska, People's Deputy of Ukraine from the “Voice” party;- Valerii Chalyi, Chair of the Board of the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center;- Violeta Moskalu, PhD, Founder of Global Ukraine, expert on public administration and international development;- Serhii Herasymchuk, Deputy Executive Director, Regional Initiatives and Neighborhood Program Director, Foreign Policy Council "Ukrainian Prism";- Viktoriia Romaniuk, Deputy Chief Editor of the Stopfake Project.Moderator: Oleksandra Tsekhanovska, Head of the Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group at Ukraine Crisis Media CenterQuestions to be discussed:- What strategic goals does the Kremlin pursue in promoting ‘Russkiy Mir’ abroad and how do they differ from promoting the concept in Ukraine?- What channels of the promotion of ‘Russkiy Mir’ does the Russian government use abroad and which actors does it rely on?- How to develop an effective protection mechanism: recommendations for government and civil societyThe discussion will be held in Ukrainian with simultaneous interpretation into English.

Here is record of meeting:


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